Executive Committee

    Eileen McNab


    I was born in Canada and raised in Belfast. I have been a member of the ICC since 1978 and has held various positions on the executive, including President. I enjoy participating and help organizing various activities in the Club and have always felt that being an active participant and committed to the Irish Canadian Club will help it grow strong and continue into the future. I am particularly encouraged to see the active participation of our 2nd Generation members, on the executive and in our social activities.


        Paul Deane

        Membership Chair

            Michael Quigley

            Publicity Chair

            I have been a member of the club since 1982, and have been a member of the Board since 1986 – as Publicity Director, President and Vice President. As a historian by trade, I have written and lectured extensively on the history of the Club and the wider Irish community in Hamilton and Canada.
            I am proud to have arranged funding from the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme for the chair lift for our seniors and for renovations and expansion of our library and audio-visual system.
            I have also written and produced our Bloomsday celebrations of James Joyce for several years, and 2013’s centenary commemoration of the 1913 Dublin Lockout.


                Bob McEnaney

                Building Chair

                    Derek Savich

                    Entertainment Co-Chair

                        Margaret Moran

                        Vice President

                            Rita Hardenbrook


                            My name is Rita Hardenbrook. My mum, Rita (Mairead) McEnaney, hails from Balbriggan and my dad, Joe McEnaney, from both Bundoran and Monaghan Town. I have served on the executive a few years now as Recording Secretary and currently Social Secretary. So please forward any happy or sad news going on in club members lives so we can pass it along to the membership!

                                Colleen Estabrook

                                Entertainment Co-Chair

                                    Kathy McNab

                                    Social Chair

                                    Hi, my name is Kathy McNab. I have been a member of the club for approximately 5 years. I have been on the executive board for the past 2 years and currently hold the secretary position. My parents have been members of the club since moving to Hamilton in 1978 and the club event were a large part of my childhood. Christmas parties and summer picnics were always my favourites! I am excited to be further involved in the club again and am excited for the future of the club.


                                        Gary Gouldsborough


                                        Although I am new to the executive I have been a member of the Irish Canadian Club since 2006 and have enjoyed attending the many events and social interaction the Irish Canadian Club offers its members. My full time employment in real estate and property management keeps me busy but I still enjoy coming to the club and giving time back to the club and its members. Thank you for your support I look forward to seeing you down at the Irish Canadian Club.


                                            Jennie O’Gorman


                                            I’m Jennie O’Gorman. I have held a seat on the executive committee for 11 years; previous positions included: Publicity, Entertainment and Social Convenor. Currently I am Head Trustee.
                                            I love travelling, most of my destinations have been Ireland, England and Scotland. I have lived and worked in Ireland and obtained my European Passport. As a first generation Canadian and a second generation of being an Irish Club member I am excited to see my daughter, Jolene, enjoying the benefits of the club at the Christmas parties, family picnics and sometimes on ladies snooker nights!!


                                                Jack Murphy


                                                I was born in Canada but my father’s family was from Antrim County this was my way of learning about my Irish Heritage.
                                                My wife was born in Salt hill, Galway and came to Canada in 1970 where we meet and married in 1974, we then became involved with the club over the years at Christmas and St Patrick’s Day events. .
                                                During my 39 years with TD Bank and raising three children it was difficult to become as involved with the club as much as I would have liked to.
                                                Retiring seven years ago has afforded me this opportunity and I joined the Board 5 years ago as treasurer. It is a fulfilling and rewarding way of the serving the club.
                                                Enjoy the many events and people associated with the club. We can all enjoy the various activities that take place here over the year.


                                                    Pauline Venema


                                                    Past President of the Irish Canadian Club of Hamilton

                                                        Mary Ellen Lyons