Pat Walsh Memorial Scholarship

The maintenance and promotion of education has been a prime concern of the Irish Canadian Club. In order to encourage young people to pursue post secondary study, the Club established an annual scholarship to assist students with their costs. The scholarship, first awarded in 1969 to subsidize university education, was known as the Irish Canadian Club Scholarship. The funds used to finance the awards were drawn from the Feis profits. In 1981, a decision was made to add an additional award directed at community college study. In 1985 the scholarship was renamed the “Pat Walsh Memorial Scholarship” in recognition of his loyalty and dedication to furthering of the aims and objectives of the Club.

1969 Sylvia Rogers
1970 Kevin Kavanagh
1971 Sheila Lyons, Brian Clifford
1973 Patrick Cassidy
1974 Eamonn Ryan
1975 Denis Cowling
1976 Joanne Haykin
1977 Michael Daly
1978 Tony Hayes
1979 Paul Ferrie

1981 John Hynes, Maria McDonagh
1982 Noel McDonagh
1983 Ruth Jones, Rena Ferrie
1984 Joanne McGuinness, Pat Daly
1985 Brigid Walsh
1986 David Cole, Paula Dillon
1987 Niall Brennan, Peter Ignazi
1989 Michael Moran

1990 Paul Cirone, Patricia Brennan
1992 Linda Ignazi, James Boston
1993 Sheila Ennis, Fiona Cirone
1994 Dana Synott, Adrian Grehan
1995 Sinead Shiu, Jennie O”Gorman
1996 Julianne Curry, John Martin
1997 Laurie Boston, Colleen Savich
1998 Kevin Bowen
1999 Stephanie Harrington

2001 Kathy McNab
2002 Gemma Cassidy, Sarah Gough
2003 Elaine Sheridan, Colleen Harrington
2004 Catherine Gough
2006 David McNab
2007 Colin Bowen, David Hynes

2010 Carly Majik
2011 Matthew Galvin